What’s your recipe for a delicious experience ?

Meeting new people, understanding other cultures, having fun, trying something new ? Or just taking the time to see new places and hear their stories.

Looking for inspiration ? Here’s a selection of experiences to choose from:

Brunches in the countryside

Taste a variety of fresh, seasonal local products mixed in traditional or creative recipes.

You’re invited to a brunch in locals courtyard right in the heart of the villages in Transylvania, Oltenia or Valachia. Meet them and have a cultural experience through food and stories.

Do you prefer a brunch in a restaurant in the city centre ? We have this option too.

Making bread

How about attending a bread workshop ? The bread is cooked in traditional ovens in the countryside. You’ll be amazed by the taste of bread  just taken out of the oven. Want to try ? If you want you can help preparing the dough.

Themed food and wine pairings

Royal menu, communist menu, sweet and salty, just to name a few.

We love to blend flavours and tell you the stories around them.

Tell us your favorite ingredients and we’ll mix them in an experience tailored per your needs.


Additional information

AvailabilityAll year long on request
Duration1-8 hours
Min. no. of guestsDepends on requested event
Brunch Cisnadioara
Masa brunch Cisnadioara
Galuste cu prune
Brunch in curte resized
Foc in cuptor resized
Paine neagra din cuptor