A guide about what to eat in Romania

A guide about what to eat in Romania

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Romania is still a hidden gem of Europe.

Our guests always tell us they are surprised by the nature and culture, that the food is super tasty and that places have a certain charm and magic.

So we thought, why not giving you some suggestions of food & drinks not to be missed when you come for the first time in Romania. These suggestions are the most popular and easy to find in a restaurant.

Start your meal with a digestive that will enhance your appetite: vişinată, afinată and other similar drinks, usually a mix of alcohol and fruits (sour cherries, blueberries, etc). Even nowadays it’s very usual to prepare it at home. This drink will have typically an alcohol content a little bit over 25°.

For the first course it’s a must to have ciorbă – an emblematic Romanian soupe. We love so much to eat ciorbă that you can find them in any Romanian traditional restaurant: ciorbă de văcuţă (beef soup), ciorbă de fasole (beans soup) or ciorbă de burtă (soured tripe soup) for those courageous enough to eat cow or veal belly, just to name a few.


For an intense taste, usually alongside the bowl with ciorbă you will find a hot pepper or in the case of ciorbă de fasole a shallot. You haven’t eaten completely Romanian if you haven’t tried the ciorbă with hot pepper or shallot 🙂

Tip – The soured tripe soup is always the first choice the morning after drinking.

For the second course we suggest to try:

Mici will project you into the city life where it’s more common to eat a lot of meat, much more than at a meal in the village.

For meat on the grill lovers, imagine some sausages with no skin, juicy and heavenly tasty. Alongside the mici is the mustard, together they make the perfect duo.

Mămăliguţă cu brânză şi smântână (polenta with cheese and sour cream), a simple dish that reminds us of the old times when sheep were the main source of milk and cheese.

We like so much the taste of sarmale (cabbage rolls with minced meat) that we have countless versions: from classical to reinvented recipes. It’s fair to say we have lots of creativity. The sarmale are served any day and so much more at important events like baptize, wedding, etc

20170514_135951        Sarmale reinterpretate

For dessert do not miss the most known sweet papanaşi, a kind of a donut filled with cheese and lots of sour cream. On top we add sour cherry or blueberry jam. A peasant desert, specific in Muntenia region (known as Valahia) which spread all over the country; I think it’s the dessert the most easy to find in restaurant’s menus.


Or if you go to Transilvania, try lichiu or hencleş (Hanklish), a simple peasant Transylvanian dessert.


Looking for something else? Try a Romanian cheeses plate sprinkled with a good wine.


Romanians have a long history of making and drinking wines.

The terroir offers us a wide range of wines: from white wines to red wines.

If you’re traveling to Romania it would be a shame not to taste a glass of local wine.

Some of our recommendations are:

2015 Muscat, Domeniul Bogdan Winery 

Acacia honey and lemon aromas blend gently with citrus fruits sensations.

domeniul bogdan-muscat alb-2015

Apogeum, Tohani Winery 

You can feel plums and red fruits aromas, but also spices at the end. The intense red color of the wine is reflecting the freshness of the terroir.


Feteasca Alba (Colocviu), Cotnari Winery

A fresh taste completed by an aroma of grass recently cut and red cranberries.


We invite you at our table at one of our Bucharest Food Tours or join us at other experiences and events.