Bucharest neighborhoods (60 EUR per person)

Let’s explore Bucharest outside the city center. Discover a less touristic, trendy neighborhood. And taste delicious food! See a different

City lights, history and food tour (75 EUR per person)

When the sun comes down it’s the best time for history and for tasting delicious food. Discover a city that

Hungry for history food tour (64 EUR per person)

Are you hungry for history and for tasting delicious food? Let’s have a mix of tastings, stories and culture hints

Bucharest communism tour: highlights and small bites (45 EUR per person)

Who would have said that a boy with only elementary school would become such a controversial communist dictator? How did
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Culinary experiences and events

What’s your recipe for a delicious experience ? Meeting new people, understanding other cultures, having fun, trying something new ?

Why choose us?


Our passion for food meets the joy of life. Love to eat, love to blend taste and flavors. And even more, we love to tell stories about them.


We invite you to our favorite places. The quality of products and services always comes first. Therefore, all we have to offer, we’ve already tried it.


Curious about the local culture? Use your senses. Savor the food. Discover the authentic Romania.


We create experiences as for our best friends. You are welcome at our table. Discover different faces of the city: spontaneous, fascinating, surprising. Relax and enjoy the experience!

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